A tripartite consultation workshop on social protection extension to formal and informal workers will take place in Adama city, Ethiopia on 18 and 19 May 2021 with support from the SP&PFM project.

Workshop objectives                            

  • Creating awareness of stakeholders on the rights to inclusive social protection to all, including informal workers; 
  • Discussing innovative mechanisms in social security provision and unemployment insurance to informal workers and determine the roles of workers and employers.


Presentations and discussions on the following areas:

  • National social protection policy and its strategy.
  • The role of Trade Unions on expansion of social protection at workplaces.
  • Extension of Social Protection to private sector and informal economy.
  • Definition, status and current plan of POESSA for expansion of social security to informal sector /private sector.
  • Discussion on advocacy strategy on improving social security benefits.

Expected outcomes

  • Knowledge and awareness of social protection enhanced;
  • Social protection advocacy program developed;
  • Advocacy strategy for improved social security benefits;
  • Development of a CETU position paper on extension of coverage to formal private sector and informal workers

Expected participants

The consultative workshops is expected to be attended by 40 participants. Participants are from CETU (executive members and experts), affiliate industry federations, Confederation of Ethiopian Employers’ Federations (CEEF), National Disability Associations, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA), Addis Ababa Bureau of Labour and Social Affairs, Job Creation Commission (JCC), and workers representing formal and informal economy employees.

Report on Tripartite Consultation Workshop on Social Protection Extension to Formal and Informal Workers (18-19 May, 2021)

Position Paper on Improving Social Protection to Formal Private Sectors and Extension to Informal Economy Workers in Ethiopia