Improving synergies between social protection and public finance management


Nepal approves guidelines to extend coverage to migrant workers, self-employed persons, and workers in the informal economy

Viet Nam Women's Union in gender training package, October 2022.The Nepal Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MoLESS) formally approved guidelines (27 December 2022) to extend...

SP&PFM capacity-building on social protection leads to a digital village directory in Uganda

Viet Nam Women's Union in gender training package, October 2022.To enhance the provision of social protection services, the International Labour Organization (through the SP&PFM Programme) is...

SP&PFM facilitates application of the Social Security Inquiry for collecting data on social protection in Uganda

Viet Nam Women's Union in gender training package, October 2022.Under the leadership of the Uganda Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, the SP&PFM Programme organized an inception...

SP&PFM supports universal health coverage reforms in Senegal

SP&PFM is providing technical assistance to the Agency for Universal Health Coverage to improve the effectiveness of Senegal’s universal health coverage programme through reforms. The programme...


Financing and extending social protection in Senegal. Progress and challenges (in French)

Understanding employment insurance and active labour market policies in Myanmar (in English)

Proposal for a comprehensive unemployment protection system in Peru (in Spanish)

The European Union, in partnership with the International Labour Organization, UNICEF and the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors, is implementing a thematic flagship programme aimed to strengthen social protection systems and ensure sustainable financing while improving public finance management. The initiative is currently being implemented in 18 countries and has immediately reoriented funds to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Social protection lies at the core of sustainable development, decent work and social justice.”

Gilbert F. Houngbo

Director-General, ILO

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