In Burkina Faso, the SP&PFM Project’s high-level advocacy led to the adoption of the decree for the creation of a single social registry in 2021. This is a necessary condition for the strengthening of the national social protection system and ensuring its shock responsiveness.

Following the creation of a single social registry (RSU), the SP&PFM project continues to support its implementation through the inter-agency task force for RSU implementation.

The RSU technical secretariat, supported by this inter-agency task force, has already organized several workshops for developing methodology and tools for targeting poor and vulnerable people, as well as for developing and validating the RSU operational manual. The last workshop took place between the 28th-30th September.

This process is being followed by the development of the national social protection strategy 2023-2027, which started with the establishment of the process’s monitoring committee which includes the ILO and UNICEF. The final validation of the strategy document is scheduled for early 2023.

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