The second session of the monitoring committee for the development of a new national social protection strategy took place in Ziniaré (9–10 December 2022) as part of the technical and financial assistance that the SP&PFM Programme is providing to Burkina Faso. The committee adopted a diagnosis report and agreed on the main axes of the strategy.

Woman taking care of orphan children at her home in Ouagadougou. 

Following the committee meeting, a workshop was organized (19–20 December 2022) to harmonize the strategy’s programmatic framework, establish coherence between the strategic axes, define the specific objectives and determine the priority actions. The workshop provided opportunity to summarize the workplans of the various structures involved in social protection, thus promoting better synergy of action and avoiding the overlap of interventions.

Around 30 participants from ministries and institutions working in the field of social protection, support structures for social mutual organizations, non-government organizations and associations operating in the field of social protection joined the workshop.

The SP&PFM Programme will continue to assist Burkina Faso in this process. Next steps include a third session of the monitoring committee (15–16 February 2023) to validate the preliminary draft of the strategy, followed by another workshop (20–25 February 2023) to finalize the legal framework for the social protection sector. Once the preliminary draft of the strategy is validated, it will be presented to the national authorities for approval and dissemination among national stakeholders.

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