The SP&PFM Programme in Cote d’Ivoire conducted awareness-raising workshops for workers in the informal economy on the extension of mandatory social security schemes. In collaboration with another ILO project, an information and awareness-raising campaign for workers, especially women, of some markets in Abidjan helped improve the understanding and importance of Universal Health Coverage. An assessment of the impact of the awareness-raising campaign showed that 48 per cent of the target population decided to register for the Health Insurance scheme, of whom 70 per cent of women.

In Nepal, a wide range of communication materials was developed, disseminated and aired to help improve the delivery effectiveness of the Social Security Allowance (SSA). Volunteers were mobilised for awareness-raising on child grants and birth registration, and the radio was used to reach about 40,000 people. In addition, awareness campaigns on traditional and social media informed nearly 250,000 citizens about social protection schemes with a rights-based approach.

In Togo, the SP&PFM Programme contributed directly to the extension of the social security scheme and social health insurance to informal economy actors. Decentralized awareness-raising activities, which involved 117 municipalities, strengthened the capacities of the local authorities on social protection, which will be essential for the implementation of the universal health insurance and old-age pension for all. As a result, awareness-raising activities on social protection have been integrated as a regular activity in the municipalities’ actions.

The SP&PFM Programme in Sri Lanka also promoted a successful large awareness campaign, this time directed to unregistered establishments and service providers of the tourism sector. The communication efforts helped increase the registration rate of the Sri Lanka Tourism Department Authority by 52 per cent in December 2021.