A virtual conference took place on 1st December 2020 to mark the global launch of the programme Improving Synergies Between Social Protection and Public Finance Management.




Welcoming remarks by European Comission DG DEVCO 02

Ms Henriette Geiger Director People and Peace, European Commission, DG DEVCO


Part 1 – Programme launch

Ms Shahra Razavi Director, ILO Social Protection

Ms Natalia Winder Rossi Associate Director and Chief of Social Policy, UNICEF

Mr Bart Verstraeten Political Secretary of WSM, GCSPF member

Voice of the partner countries: Ecuador, Nepal and Paraguay

Ms Valérie Schmitt Deputy Director, ILO Social Protection (Moderator)


Part 2 – Social protection: COVID-19 response and the way forward

Ms Doerte Bosse European Commission, DG DEVCO B3 (Moderator)

EU DEVCO Presentation

Q&A Session

Event recording