Speakers at the SP&PFM webinar, September, 2022.

Experiences on innovative responses and options for financing adaptive, responsive and resilient social protection systems consumed the second of a series of webinars that the SP&PFM Programme is conducting to exchange country insights and expand the international discussion on innovative solutions. Ultimately, the aim is to increase financing for strengthening national social protection systems towards achieving universal coverage.

More than 117 persons tuned into the 29 September webinar, which featured a presentation on the SP&PFM Programme’s approach to strengthening social protection systems and making them more resilient to shocks. Country experiences were then highlighted.

The experts making presentations encompassed: Doerte Bosse, Head of Sector for Horizontal Coordination, Social Protection and Disabilities with the European Union Directorate-General for International Partnerships; Céline Peyron Bista, SP&PFM Chief Technical Adviser, and Carlos Galian, Technical Officer for Social Protection Financing, both with the International Labour Organization (ILO); Nupur Kukrety and Getachew Berhanu Kebede, Social Policy Specialists with UNICEF; and Bruno Deceukelier, Asia Coordinator with the Belgian NGO We Social Movements.

Funded by the European Union and implemented jointly by the International Labour Organization, UNICEF and the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors, the SP&PFM Programme seeks to strengthen national social protection systems, including through improved links with public finance management and through their increased financial sustainability. The Programme approach assists countries in building up universal social protection systems and ensuring that these systems are risk-informed, resilient and adaptable to respond to shocks and facilitate transitions through evidence and analysis. In partner countries, building shock-responsive systems ranges from providing emergency cash transfers and bringing stakeholders together in national workshops to set priorities to assessing the COVID-19 responses and strengthening delivery mechanisms, including national social registries.


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