The SP&PFM Programme is supporting an institutional assessment of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) of Kenya and a large beneficiary satisfaction assessment to develop a strategy on how the NHIF can best extend coverage to workers in the informal economy and how it can improve its functions and services.

Woman in her newly opened shop in Kakuma Camp. 

Additionally, the SP&PFM Programme organized a workshop (November 2022) in Mombasa with the NHIF management team to discuss the design of a new maternity income benefit. The maternity benefit aims to cover all women in Kenya, especially women in the informal economy.

Currently, Kenyan law entitles pregnant workers in the formal economy to only receive income replacement for three months after they give birth, which employers must provide during any employee’s maternity leave. The new maternity benefit would fall under the NHIF and the NHIF-operated Linda Mama scheme, which provides free prenatal, delivery and postnatal care for all women in Kenya. 

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