The Kenya SP&PFM project has organised a weeklong management retreat (20-24 March) with 20 key NHIF staff, including heads of departments and the new interim CEO to discuss the National Health Insurance Fund’s (NHIF) institutional strategy with a focus on their strategy to extend coverage to workers in the informal economy.


Participants at a management retreat in Kenya

The management retreat was part of a larger support package provided to NHIF Kenya including the review of institutional processes and functions as well as a beneficiary and provider assessment to better understand external perceptions of NHIF. The support comes at a crucial time as the Government is currently redesigning NHIF into a social health insurance fund including, new financing modalities, a new benefit package and contribution structures.

The retreat supported NHIF in identifying priorities for their strategic plan and where to in the next years through the presentation of international best practices for extending coverage and an in-depth assessment of NHIF functions. In addition, the new maternity cash benefit which has been designed with the support of the project was discussed. It will benefit women working in the informal economy who either enrol in NHIF or Linda Mama, a NHIF operated scheme which is free for all women and enables them to access free pre-natal, delivery and post-natal care. During the retreat, the design was finalised and after the adaptation of the costing, the new benefit can be presented to Government and stakeholders for validation.

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