Through the SP&PFM Programme, the Government of Uganda organized a two-day retreat on 26–27 October in Entebbe to review the country’s performance in the latest Open Budget Survey and arrive at a reform matrix as well as a road map for improving the score in the next round (2023) and thus boost the transparency of the country’s budget.

The retreat engaged 30 officials from the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, the Parliament, the Office of the Auditor General, the Parliamentary Budget Office, the Uganda Debt Network civil society organization and development partners, including UNICEF.

The Open Budget Survey gives governments opportunity to evaluate their interventions and obtain feedback on the extent that their national budget contributes to attaining desired outcomes. The exercise is carried out every two years to assess changes over a stated period in three areas: budget transparency, public participation and budget oversight.

To improve transparency, the retreat participants advocated for the Government to publish the budget online in a timely manner – within three months of it being approved, which would thus help Uganda achieve better results in the 2030 Open Budget Survey.

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