Legislator explaining factors that influence financing for social protection

A total of 50 Ugandan legislators and policymakers attended a training activity on Social Protection Financing and Financial Management from the 22nd to the 24th June 2022 under the TRANSFORM approach. This initiative was jointly delivered by the ILO, UNICEF and HAI as core implementers of the “Improving synergies between Social Protection and Public Finance Management” programme in Uganda, under a collaborative framework with the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Social Protection (UPFSP)

The activity introduced critical aspects of financial governance and the administration of non-contributory social protection, including revenue mobilization, the national budget process, concepts of financial management and public expenditure monitoring and evaluation. This training enabled the dissemination of knowledge and tools concerning social protection financing and also contributed to effective capacity building for stronger advocacy on sustainable and robust financing mechanisms for social protection systems.

The training concluded with the legislators agreeing on three action points including a) developing a business case for financing social protection, b) expediting the development of the National Strategy on Social Protection and c) strengthening evidence-based advocacy on sustainable financing for social protection.

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