Zambia’s National Health Insurance Authority (NHIMA) launched (31 January) its 2023–2026 strategic plan, “Social Health Protection Financing for Universal Coverage”, for guiding its operations over the next four years. It revolves around four strategic pillars, all of them interlinking with the current ILO support to NHIMA through the SP&PFM country project.

Video of the launch of NHIMA’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan.

NHIMA is seeking financial sustainability and scheme solvency in the next four years. This objective relies significantly on the actuarial analysis that the ILO is providing through an assessment of the financial sustainability status while looking at the scheme’s financial outlook. The ILO will also estimate the liabilities connected with extending services to the informal economy.

Another important strategic direction of NHIMA in the next four years is attaining organisational capacity of the scheme. The SP&PFM Project has so far helped NHIMA to identify some of the capacity constraints especially in terms of in-house actuarial analysis and scheme performance monitoring. These capacities are gradually being built for NHIMA staff using the ILO HEALTH model. A series of data-cleaning events have enabled the NHIMA staff to find deeper insights and understanding of the various forms of scheme data that can improve scheme-performance monitoring skills.

NHIMA also seeks to attain operational excellence in the immediate future. SP&PFM is supporting NHIMA in identifying bottlenecks in the operations of the scheme, especially regarding the nature and quality of data, which is critical for informing and anticipating beneficiary behaviour and trends so that the scheme can respond appropriately.

Watch  the video of the launch of NHIMA’s 2023–2026 strategic plan by the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Madam Brenda Tambatamba.

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