An event held this Friday, 25 March, celebrates the conclusion of the project Improving and promoting the extension of social protection coverage to the groups of people most affected by COVID-19 in Cape Verde, supported by the SP&PFM Programme. The ceremony will take place at 9 a.m. at the Hotel Trópico in Praia.

The opening ceremony will be chaired by the Minister of State for Family, Inclusion and Social Development, Fernando Elísio Freire, and attended by the Ambassador of the European Union in Cape Verde, Carla Grijó, and the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Ana Graça. 

The project, implemented by the ILO, started in 2021 and sought to update and strengthen social protection coverage through the improvement of mechanisms and management tools, paving the way to an effective and efficient response to safeguard the most vulnerable groups of the population. 

Event agenda (Portuguese)