Cabo Verde

The project Improving and promoting the extension of social protection coverage to the groups of people most affected by COVID-19 in Cabo Verde will be developed until December 2021. It aims to strengthen the coverage of social protection and to link the immediate measures of COVID-19 with a comprehensive mid-to-long-term intervention.

Through adequate work at the operationalisation level and finance administration governance tools, the project is expected to have more/better information, and promote safer and risk reduction exposure for social protection beneficiaries to COVID-19, with special attention particularly for women, informal workers, children, elderly and people with disability. Besides, it will create opportunities to build on lessons learned for future interventions.

The project should complement its activities with the launch of an awareness-raising campaign to promote social security, thus encouraging formalisation, and endorsing it as a human right, while highlighting the creation of inter-generational values.

The project will work in close complementarity with “ACTION/Portugal phase 2: Strengthening of Social Protection Systems in Cabo Verde and Guinea-Bissau”.


Project partners

The project is being developed jointly by ILO, the Delegation of the European Union office in Praia and the Government of Cabo Verde through the Ministry of Finance (by the National Direction for Planning), Ministry of Health and Social Security, Ministry of Family and Social Inclusion, as well as CSOs, CBOs, and private sector representatives.


Mr. Fernando Sousa Jr., ILO –

Mr. Dramane Batchabi, ILO –