The first national dialogue meeting on the operationalization of the National Social Action Policy (Política Nacional de Acção Social) in Angola was held in Luanda on 4-5 May 2021, with the participation of government officials and civil society organizations. The forum was organized with the support of the SP&PFM and ACTION Portugal projects.  

 See event programme (in Portuguese)

The meeting aimed at:

  • Disseminating the National Social Action Policy;
  • Framing the National Social Action Policy and the Basic Law on Social Protection (Lei de Bases da Protecção Social) in the construction of a national floor of social protection aiming at achieving target 1.3 of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Establishing the guidelines for prevention, protection and integration of vulnerable people;
  • Strengthening the institutional framework for the establishment of the national social protection system and ensure the delivery of more effective social services and responses;
  • Defining the next steps of the sectorial action for the implementation of the National Social Action Policy.