The Diploma in Design and Management of Social Protection Programmes with a Results-Based Budgeting Approach within the Framework of the Social Protection System, supported by the Social Protection and Public Finance Management Project (SP&PFM) in Paraguay, has started with more than 56 participants.

The launch event was held virtually on 24 March, with the participation of national and international representatives.

The event included the keynote speech “A joint vision of Social Protection and Public Financial Management”, by Álvaro Ramos Chaves, ILO technical expert on Social Protection Financing. After the presentation, the course participants were introduced to the programme and the teaching-learning methodology.

The diploma course

The diploma course is aimed at those responsible for the design of social protection programmes in the framework of results-based budgeting. This includes, in particular, professionals from the public sector, as well as representatives of workers’ and employers’ organisations, civil society, and postgraduate students.

This first edition will involve professionals from the Technical Unit of the Social Cabinet (UTGS), the General Directorate of Budget of the Ministry of Finance (DGP-MH), the Technical Secretariat of Planning (STP), as well as other relevant ministries and government agencies, other entities of the Social Protection System, such as the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Health, and representatives of workers, employers, civil society and international cooperation.

The academic programme of the Diploma will be conducted entirely in virtual format, between 24 March and 1 September 2022, using a modern and user-friendly learning platform. It will consist of 6 modules with a teaching load of 130 hours.