The projectImproving Synergies Between Social Protection & Public Finance Management provides technical assistance to the Government of Paraguay in public finance management and resource identification for social protection. The project also supports the design and initial implementation of the Social Protection System ¡Vamos! in four selected territories. Lastly, the joint initiative promotes efficiency by building capacity to develop social protection programmes in the context of the recently adopted results-based budgeting. 

The project foresees four outputs:

  1. Efficiency and effectiveness of social protection resource mobilisation and expenditure.
  2. Implementation of the social protection system ¡Vamos! in four selected territories.
  3. Building institutional capacity for developing social protection programmes in the context of the social protection system and results-based budgeting.
  4. Increasing knowledge, awareness and ownership of the social protection system ¡Vamos! across public institutions, beneficiaries and civil society.

    Key achievements in 2020-22


    • Increased inter-institutional coordination on issues related to social protection, and in particular closer coordination between the Ministry of Finance and the Technical Unit of the Social Cabinet;  
    • Training of national stakeholders on public finance for social protection, scaling-up of the course for Latin American stakeholders;  
    • Completion of the data collection for the study on the multiplier effects of social protection expenditure in Paraguay; 
    • Support to the implementation of the social protection system ¡Vamos! at the local level. 


    • The project has become the visible face of ¡Vamos! in the four territories selected for the system’s pilot phase. The project has established Local Social Protection Committees and built capacity at the local level to identify service offer and coverage gaps, as well as local vulnerable population and plan accordingly. 
    • The project created a tailored training course for the Latin American context on public finances for social protection and successfully trained 49 civil servants and constituents from Paraguay and other countries, creating capacity and a platform for knowledge exchange on public finance management for social protection. A diploma on design, implementation and monitoring of social protection programmes was developed. 
    • The project has developed a mobile application for individuals and households. Through the app, the final beneficiaries of the social protection system will be able to know the service offer available to them in their specific territory. The app has been finalised and validated, and its launch will align with the government plan for the rollout of the social protection system. 
    • Several of the project’s performance indicators are well on track to being achieved, notably those pertaining to Outputs 1, 2 and 3. The “Training sessions delivered” performance indicators for output 3 have already exceeded its target and will continue to expand in 2022 with the delivery of additional training programs. 
    • Additionally, the project has created a space for the continuous work on social protection between the Technical Unit of the Social Cabinet and the Ministry of Finance and has supported the Paraguayan government in achieving the EU Budget Support milestones.




    The project was developed jointly by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Delegation of the European Union office in Asunción (EU) and the Government of Paraguay through the Technical Unit of the Social Cabinet (UTGS) and the General Budget Directorate (DGP) of the Ministry of Finance (MoF).


    Mr. Guillermo Montt, ILO Social Protection Specialist,

    Ms. Verónica Herken, ILO National Project Coordinator,

    Mr. Gustavo Rojas, UNICEF Social Policy Officer,

    Ms. María Lilia Robledo, UNICEF Social Policy Officer,

    Brochure showcasing the project’s main results and activities (August 2023).

    International Seminar was held on Social Protection and Public Finance in Paraguay, 29 March 2023.
    (In Spanish)

    First edition of the Diploma in Design and Management of Social Protection Programs with a Focus on Results-based Budget in the Framework of the Social Protection System ¡Vamos!November 2022. (In Spanish)

    Social protection reaches remote native community in Paraguay’s Chaco region. November 2022. (In Spanish)

    Martina Chilavert, a beneficiary of social protection system ¡Vamos! recounts what it means to get an ID for the first time. December 2021 (In Spanish).

    Martina Chilavert, a beneficiary of the Paraguayan social protection system  ¡Vamos!, show her first ID card. December 2021.

    Launch of Diploma in Design and Management of Social Protection Programs, developed and offered by the project. March 2022 (In Spanish).

    Meeting of the Local Social Protection Committee of the social protection system Vamos! supported by the project. October 2021.

    Implementation of the Social Protection System ¡Vamos!, supported by the project. March 2021.