June capacity building workshop

Senegal has established a thematic network among parliamentarians for increasing the level of budgetary debates, voting on laws to ratify International Labour Organization Conventions, and then translating them into national law and improving the accountability of social protection spending, including the possible adoption of an umbrella law on social protection. 


The network will partner with the SP&PFM country project in advocating for more and better funding for social protection. The collaboration with the network of parliamentarians is expected to lay the best foundation for initiating and improving their contribution to the construction of a social protection system and its institutional and financial governance due to their role in overseeing and voting on the national budget.

The SP&PFM country project, in partnership with the International Network for Social Protection Rights, will provide capacity-building and support to the network of parliamentarians.    The first capacity-building workshop for network members (13–14 June) enabled 25 parliamentarians to expand their knowledge on  the country’s National Social Protection Strategy (2015–2035) and the challenges involved in implementing and  financing it. They made suggestions to the draft law on social protection, and they instigated a road map to support the implementation of National Social Protection Strategy.

Learn more about SP&PFM in Senegal here.