The project Consolidating the financial sustainability and coverage of the social protection system in Senegal provides technical assistance to the country to establish a comprehensive and inclusive social protection system, supported by adequate and sustainable financing, transparent governance and targeted measures. The joint action aims to include currently uncovered vulnerable groups, particularly persons with disabilities and workers in the informal and rural economy.

The Government of Senegal has made the extension and strengthening of social protection a fundamental element of its economic and social development strategy. This commitment reflected in the National Social Protection Strategy (NSPS), which aims to achieve universal and inclusive social protection by 2035 under the coordination of the General Delegation for Social Protection and National Solidarity (DGPSN).

In 2019-2020, a strategic review of the national social protection system conducted by the ILO with the financial support of the European Union has allowed to determine scenarios for the extension of the system and the effective implementation of the NSPS, particularly through the mobilization of new sources of financing and the extension of coverage, which remains polarized between formal salaried employment and social assistance.

As such, the joint action will aim to deepen options and recommendations for the sustainable financing of social protection, support the extension of social protection coverage, and strengthen non-contributory social protection programs. In addition, activities will aim to operationalize these recommendations in order to secure social protection expenditure through the State Budget, but also at the legislative and legal level.

In this framework, in 2020 the partners have initiated advocacy activities through the identification of new financing sources for social protection, and the organization of a series of high-level international webinars and national workshops on the thematic of the extension and financing of social protection in Senegal. These advocacy activities will be amplified at the regional level through the platforms of the DGPSN, but also at the central level through institutions such as the National Assembly, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, the High Council for Social Dialogue and the High Council of Territorial Collectivities.


Project partners

The project was jointly developed by the ILO, UNICEF, the European Union Delegation (DUE) in Dakar, the Government of Senegal – through the General Delegation for Social Protection and National Solidarity of the Ministry of Community Development, Social and Territorial Equity; the Ministry of Finance and Budget; and the Ministry in charge of Labour – civil society under the lead of We Social Movements (WSM), and social partners.





Mr. Dramane Batchabi, ILO Social Protection Specialist,

Mr. Moussa Dieng, ILO National Project Coordinator,

Mrs. Alix Machiels, ILO Junior Professional Officer on Social Protection,

Mr. Ousseini Ouedraogo, UNICEF, National Social Protection Officer,