With the Ministry of Social Action, Family and Promotion of Women, the SP&PFM country project in Angola organized (October–November 2022) seven bilateral consultations to collect inputs that then inform the scenario proposals for costed social protection programmes on extending social protection coverage.

As part of an Assessment Based National Dialogue (ABND) and following a three-day social dialogue (in April 2022) on the resolution of the work carried out to elaborate a diagnosis of social protection in Angola, these consultations aimed to: (i) consolidate the diagnosis of the country’s social protection system; (ii) collect technical inputs for elaborating recommendations to establish a social protection floor; and (iii) formulate scenarios, including social protection programmes, as proposals for the extension of social protection coverage and a sustainable social protection system.

The consultations were conducted with government partners responsible for the management and implementation of social protection programmes (contributory and non-contributory): the Ministry of Social Action, Family and Promotion of Women, the Social Action Fund, the National Institute of Social Security, the Ministry of Finance; development partners, including UNICEF and the World Bank; and social partners who have been assisting in the development of the strategy for the operationalization of the National Social Action Policy.

The consultations led to the following agreements: (i) vulnerable families and children should be the priority vulnerable groups for extending coverage and delivering more adequate benefits; (ii) geographical coverage should focus on the regions affected by natural disasters; and (iii) optimized fiscal space for human capital development should be created through sustainable investment in the social protection sector. As part of the ABND process, another social dialogue is planned this March to present the elaborated and costed scenarios as proposals for validation by the stakeholders and then approval by the Government for integration into the operational strategy of the National Social Action Policy.

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