The meeting of the Steering Committee of the SP&PFM project in Senegal was held on May 24 and 25 in Dakar. This important event brought together 27 participants, including representatives from the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Finance, workers’ organisations, employers’ organisations and civil society representatives. The workshop was co-organised by the 3 implementing partners (Global Coalition for Social Protection Floor, UNICEF, ILO), and convened by the National Delegation for Social Protection and National Solidarity (DGPSN).

During this meeting, the following items were presented (i) the SP&PFM project and its overall work plan; (ii) the activities carried out since the project launch and up to late 2021; (iii) some of the project’s most salient results (orientations of the study on the Equal Opportunity Card, implementation progress of the Simplified Scheme for small taxpayers, the civil society advocacy campaign on social protection, technical note on the scope of social protection, determination of financing options for social protection); and above all, (iv) the difficulties encountered and expectations towards the SC for the facilitation of project implementation.

The SP&PFM Steering Committee in Senegal also identified the next steps in the implementation of the project, namely

  • Adopting of a financing framework for social protection based on an inclusive national dialogue
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the RSPC in its health component and adopting the parameters for the other branches
  • Carrying out a review of public spending on social protection
  • Identifying measures to render the national social protection system more gender and disability sensitive
  • Proposing a more resilient and shock-responsive mechanisms for food and nutrition security

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