The SP&PFM Programme launched the technical report The Political Economy of Social Protection in Paraguay in an online presentation (15 November 2022). Prepared by Paraguayan researcher Claudina Zavattiero, the report reflects the evolution of “social protection” as a concept and as an institution in Paraguay and highlights the actors involved in its financing. The study aimed to help promote the sustainability and fiscal space of Paraguay’s ¡Vamos! social protection system.

Online launch of the technical report on the political economy of social protection.

During the launch, Zavattiero recalled the process of installing the social protection system in Paraguay since its inception and explained how social protection can reduce inequalities and promote inclusive, sustainable and democratic human development. She highlighted that achieving these objectives depends on a common definition and financing mechanisms, which have been the subject of political debates in the past.

She underscored how the development of the ¡Vamos! has created opportunity to consolidate a definition and institutional framework to integrate and strengthen social protection in Paraguay and progressively achieve universal coverage.

According to Zavattiero, the managerial capacities to design, plan and act based on the definition of social protection depend on the leadership and positioning of each institution in their respective areas and on the articulation of a coherent framework for action.

The report is available for downloading here. The study was carried out within the framework of the SP&PFM Programme, implemented by the International Labour Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund, with the support of the European Union in Paraguay.

Access the recording of the event here.

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