Communication materials supporting access for migrants to obtain social protection

The SP&PFM country project in Colombia launched a study aimed at informing recommendations for public policies that promote easier access by the country’s migrant population to the national social protection system. The report provides a characterization of the migrant population, their barriers in accessing the social security system and five recommendations to facilitate their right to social protection.

The recommendations encompass: (i) strengthening training and vocational programmes; (ii) promoting entrepreneurship and microenterprises and improving access to labour intermediation services; (iii) implementing non-discrimination policies; (iv) strengthening interinstitutional cooperation; and (v) continuous monitoring and evaluation. 

The study report, published in mid-July during the closing of the one-year Promotion of Labour Formalization for the Migrant and Returnee Population from Venezuela in Colombia Project, is expected to provide input for the generation of territorial-focused public policies. The Ministry of Labour spearheaded the project in partnership with the International Labour Organization and with funding from the European Union. The project aimed to facilitate the socio-labour integration of the Venezuela migrant and returnee populations in Colombia through improvements in employability and adaptation of the country’s social protection system.  

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