A training workshop for strengthening the role of media in promoting inclusive social protection is organized by the Federation of Ethiopian Associations of Persons with Disabilities (FEAPD) with support from the SP&PFM project. The event will take place in Adama, Ethiopia on September 22-23, 2022.

The objectives of the training include:

  • Strengthening the role of media in promoting inclusive social protection systems in the country.
  • Creating an opportunity for learning and sharing of experiences amongst various media institutions with a view to stimulating, motivating, promoting, and advocating for increased investment in social protection by all actors, at all levels and in a coherent and coordinated manner.
  • Involving media institutions engaging with various government social protection line ministries to understand the extent to which social protection systems are disability inclusive, associated gaps and current intentions to strengthen disability inclusion in social protection system.


Presentations and discussions on:

  • Overview of the social protection policy of Ethiopia;
  • Disability inclusion in PSNP programs with due account to disability costs and support services in social transfers; and
  • Media advocacy on the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the national social protection system.

Expected outcomes

  • Knowledge and understanding of media outlets on disability inclusion in the social protection system is enhanced; and
  • Media outlets become committed towards advocacy for improved benefits for persons with disabilities from Ethiopia’s social protection policy/programmes.

Expected participants

Participants of the workshop are from the following 9 disability focused media institutions:

  1. Bisrat Promotion (FM 97.1 – Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), Bisrat FM101, Debub FM, Amhara Media Corporation)
  2. Selst Media (Ahadu Radio, ESAT TV)
  3. TFT Media (Ahadu Radio)
  4. Tikuret Media (Addis Ababa Media Network)
  5. Ashara Radio (Ethio FM 106.7, Amhara Media Corporation)
  6. Yichalal Media (FM 97.1 (EBC))
  7. Biruh Tesfa Radio (Ethiopian Radio National Service (EBC))
  8. Purple Media (Debub Radio and Television)
  9. Laba Media and Communication (Oromia Broadcasting Network and FM97.1 (EBC))


Actuarial Valuation Workshop: Ethiopia May 2022