Learn the concepts required to understand and improve the synergies between social protection and public finance management

Course 1. Improving synergies between social protection and PFM: An introduction


Even before COVID-19 pandemic, many countries had recognized the contribution that social protection can make to sustainable and inclusive economic and social development. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need to improve social protection systems and to identify sustainable funding options for social protection.

This course, proposed in the framework of the SP&PFM programme, aims to introduce social protection and public finance practitioners to the underlying concepts required to understand the available financing options for social protection, and to improve public finance management (PFM). 

Module 1

Assessment of social protection systems for building the case to invest more and better in social protection


Session 1. Investing more and better in social protection

Session 2. Tools for social protection review

Module 2

Public Financial Management and Budgeting for improved social protection


Session 3. Public financial management and budgeting for improved social protection

    Session 4. EU Budget support and social protection | PFM and services delivery

    Session 5. General Process for Sustainable
    Social Protection Policy Reform

    Module 3

    Traditional and innovative financing for social protection

    Session 6. Value-for-money and equity in social protection expenditure

    Session 6. Group work

    Session 7. Macroeconomic policies and debt

    Session 8. Domestic Resource Mobilization

    Session 9. Fiscal Space Analysis and 8 Options for financing Social Protection

    Course 2. Social protection and public finance management: A training package for civil society and trade unions


    This course was conceived by the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors (GCSPF) to reinforce the competencies of civil society organizations and trade unions on public finance management (PFM) and social protection. The aim is to develop their capacity for effective participation in national dialogues on building and strengthening social protection regimes, sustainable financing and monitoring for desired results – all with a PFM lens.

    If you are part of the target group, this course will allow you to: 

    • Explore the basic concepts, processes and tools that underpin public finance management.
    • Demonstrate the PFM relevance for the strengthening of social protection systems and for the progressive universalizing of social protection regimes.


    Session 1

    Session 2

    Session 3

    Session 4

    Session 5

    Session 6

    Training workshop on public finance management for social protection

    Hanoi, 6-9 June 2023


    • A dedicated training workshop providing a unique opportunity to focus on addressing challenges and bottlenecks in public finance management (PFM) with a view to enhancing the rules and regulations for the management social protection resources.
    • Strengthening the competencies of key governmental and non-governmental stakeholders across the region in the assessment of PFM systems and rules.
    • Fostering the exchange of relevant knowledge, practices and experiences across different policy areas and countries.
    • Certification: Registered participants successfully completing all the mandatory activities by the end of the workshops and attending 90% of the sessions will receive an ITCILO Certificate of Participation.