Due to the high levels of informality and low levels of social security coverage, the majority of Peruvian workers face a high risk of losing their jobs and income during economic crises. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project Strengthening Social Protection in the Event of Unemployment in Peru seeks to develop a comprehensive system of social protection for unemployment in Peru, for formal and informal workers and considering gender gaps. The aim is to establish the system as a long-term mechanism in the country’s social security structure.

The project’s interventions will allow the population to access unemployment insurance, training and job orientation programs to compensate for the loss of income and mitigate the risk of falling into poverty, while improving their labour skills and increasing their chances of finding quality employment.

The main challenge of the project lies in establishing mechanisms to link passive and active employment policies and coordination between contributory and non-contributory social security systems, ensuring the sustainability of the social protection system and the participation of social dialogue actors in its definition and development.

Key achievements of 2020

  • Establishment of the multi-stakeholder working group. The project started in October 2020 and is carried out in coordination with a Working Group composed of senior officials and ministerial specialists, representatives of the EU delegation and ILO staff. The team has been meeting on a weekly basis up to a total of 9 occasions for which materials for analysis and discussion for a proposal for unemployment protection have been prepared with the support of the ILO; 
  • Ownership and capacity building of officials involved in the implementation of the project. As a result of these discussions, the Group has reached consensus on the main dimensions of the proposal for protection for formal workers in terms of beneficiary coverage, benefits, access conditions and financing; 
  • Integration of the project in the design of the new policy of the Ministry of Labour One of the most significant achievements of this stage has been the incorporation of the proposal for prior protection in unemployment in the new National Policy for Decent Employment.

Project partners

In Peru, the main national partners are the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion (Ministerio de Trabajo y Promoción del Empleo), together with the Ministry of Economy and other public entities and workers and employers organizations.


Ms. Ana Gómez Narváez, ILO, National Project Coordinator,

Mr. Pablo Casalí, ILO, Social Protection Specialist,