The SP&PFM programme produces research and evidence to improve the economic case for social protection

Multiplier effects of social protection

The SP&PFM Programme supports the research ‘Multipliers effects of social protection benefits’ undertaken in collaboration with the Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas (FIPE). The research focuses on measuring the impact of changes in the composition and magnitude of different types of social protection expenditure and revenue collection on domestic demand and growth, using a Structural Vector Autoregression (VAR) simulation.
Currently, five countries participating in the SP&PFM Programme have been included in this research: Nepal and Paraguay from approach 1 and Malawi, Ecuador and Cabo Verde from approach 2. Three additional countries (Mexico, Pakistan and Viet Nam) were analysed by the research team with the same methodology financed from other ILO projects. 


Country case studies: