The project Strengthening Social Protection System for Unemployment Benefits in Ecuador aims at enhancing the current institutional framework for social protection system in the event of job loss in the country. The purpose is to provide the economy with a counter-cyclical mechanism that facilitates the mitigation of the negative effects on employment and workers’ income – both formal and informal – and avoid a possible fall into poverty and conditions of vulnerability. 

Through an adequate link between active and passive employment policies, which considers gender gaps and the institutionalization of the participation of social actors, the project is expected to promote a better and faster reintegration of workers into the labour market.

The project is expected to achieve results in capacity building, institutional strengthening, public finance management, policy coordination between active and passive labour policies and strengthening the participation of tripartism through social dialogue.

National partners 

In Ecuador, the main national partners are the Social Security Institute (Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social), the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, together with employers and workers’ organizations, and other government agencies coordinating active labour policies. 

Key achievements in 2020

Progress was made in revising to detail with all stakeholders, projects objectives and major milestones, in order to consolidate the working group with the official delegates and discussing with them the importance of the project and the unique opportunity to work on the linkages between social protection mechanisms and public finance management. Also, planning for the development of technical notes and webinars is in progress, with the objective of raising awarness on important topics around the project and to identify discussions topics that can contribute to its development.

Work is currently focused at the level of subgroups with the main implementers that are the Social Security Instituye and the Ministry of Labor, to advance in the activities of the work plan related with the evaluation of the current operation of the unemployment insurance, review of international experiences of better practices and initial outline of improvement proposals. 


Research and resources


Mr. Pablo Casalí, ILO Social Protection Specialist,

Mrs. Ana Aviles, ILO National Project Coodinator,